Welcome to Character First

Welcome to Character First

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Episode 10 Featuring Guest Julia Freeland Fisher with the Christensen Institute
June 22, 2019

Julia is the Director of Education Research at the Clayton Christensen Institute. Her work aims to educate policymakers and community leaders on the power of disruptive innovation in the K-12 and higher education spheres. Learn more about the importance .

Episode 9 - Teens and Gaming from THEIR POV
March 30, 2019

Many parents are concerned about their children's video game habits, but what do we actually know about it? Do we really understand it from their POV? Guest host Jason Schofield talks gaming with three teens, including one who games 40 hours a week... wh.

Character First Episode 8 Featuring Scarlett Lewis - Founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement
March 13, 2019

Scarlett Lewis lost her son Jesse in the tragic shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT in December of 2012. Since that day, Scarlett has been focused on reducing school violence by promoting social and emotional learning .

Episode 7 featuring Dr. Michael Hynes - Superintendent of Schools - Patchogue-Medford School District Long Island NY
March 05, 2019

Dr. Michael Hynes is the Superintendent of the Pathogue-Medford school district on Long Island in New York. He is a leader in whole-child education, successfully implementing his PEAS program (Physical-Emotional-Academic-Social) in the district. Hear him.

Episode 6 featuring Dr. Donna Volpitta - Founder of the Center for Resilient Leadership
February 13, 2019

Hear Dr. Donna Volpitta discuss the importance of resilience, and how both children and their parents can be taught mindfulness and tactics to enable a more resilient mindset. Her Resilient Mindset Model™, which can be taught in classrooms and to parents.

Episode 5 Featuring Scott Brody - Founder of Camp Everwood Holdings and Board Member of The American Camp Association
February 13, 2019

Derek Correia interviews Scott Brody, owner of day camps and sleep away camps in MA and NH, member of the board of the American Camp Association, and member of the board of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, to discuss the magic of the camp experie.

Episode 4 Featuring Eliza Marcus - Former D1 Athlete and the First Mentor for Role Model Mentors
February 06, 2019

Listen as Eliza discusses her experience mentoring Hannah Boylan, which led to the creation of Role Model Mentors. Eliza also discusses how mentorship helped shaped her character through high school, playing D1 lacrosse at UC Davis, transferring to the U.

Episode 3 featuring Darby Fox - Child and Adolescent Therapist
February 04, 2019

A discussion with Darby Fox, Child and Adolescent Therapist, and frequent national TV correspondent on child psychology. Being a kid always presented many challenges, but social media, screen time, gaming and constant distractions, over-parenting, lack o.

Episode 2 Featuring Sensei Jose Marti of Marti Martial Arts
January 24, 2019

Many people don't realize how fundamental character is to the teaching of Martial Arts. Hear firsthand from Sensei Jose Marti how character is embedded in how karate is taught and practiced, and why it's so important to him and the many students he teach.

Episode 1 - Featuring Tim Boylan - Founder Role Model Mentors
January 24, 2019

In our very first episode, we interview Tim Boylan, and learn how Role Model Mentors was created from an idea he first thought of as a simple way to have at least one person he knew was a terrific kid play a role in his daughter's life at a time when she.