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Full Spectrum Cycling #49 – Winter Camping Report and Complete Streets With Dave Schlabowske

February 28, 2020

Dave Schlabowske joined Sven, JK and Tony in the Everyday Cycles Riverwest Studio to talk about his recent trip to northern Wisconsin for a week of winter camping and fat-biking. Dave’s base of operations was ROAM Adventure Basecamp just outside Seeley, WI. Dave talks about his gear, his bikes and his dog! We then get into a conversation about the Complete Streets program designed to integrate cycling, pedestrians and cars in a safe and efficient environment. Dig!

Also, thanks very much to Dave for this week’s photos!

Cowboy on the groomed Seeley Pass CAMBA trails with his new bespoke booties sewn up by Nate Radtke of Affordable Dog Sledding.

Talking Schmack

* ITI Starts March 1st – Track it here – http://trackleaders.com – Toni Lund is on the roster this year!* Doom and Gloom or Click Bait – The Plus Tire Trend is Deflating – Plus tires are dead now too? https://www.singletracks.com/mtb-news/the-plus-tire-trend-died-quickly-and-29ers-are-continuing-to-push-27-5-out-of-the-picture/ * Frosty Hog Recap – https://www.southshorecyclery.com/events/south-shore-frosty-hog-pg347.htm * JK ran in to a guy who witnessed the Great Polar Bear Ragdoll ride 9ish years ago. (Wish I could find a stretcher picture!)* The “Milwaukee Slide” – https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/local/2019/07/12/using-bikes-lanes-passing-lanes-has-earned-its-own-nickname-the-milwaukee-slide/1698585001/

Titanium Goat wood stove rolls up and packs super tiny. It keeps the tent warm, but needs constant feeding. Company seems to be changing and the website is iffy so no link.

Heating water in a 32 oz Keen Kanteen and grilling venison backstrap for me and a hotdog for Cowboy.

Another one of Cowboy for all you dog lovers!

Show Beer

* Mike brought us Big Head (like from Silicon Valley?) Brewing Hazy Double IPA – Wauwatosa, WI* Double IPA (2XIPA) is brewed with generous amounts of Citra and Azacca hops.* 8.2% ABV* 55 IBU

Cool Cabins at ROAM Adventure Basecamp

This Week

* Minocqua, WI – Rip, Zip and Sip Fatbike Race – 2/29/20 – With a LeMans style start and sledding to finish, this one of a kind fat bike race is a blast! 7K and 21K lengths. – https://www.bikereg.com/big-m-firetower-fat-bike-race 

Later in the Year

* Hayward,