Weekly Sales Tips with Alen Mayer

Weekly Sales Tips with Alen Mayer

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Closing Technique: the Trial Close
January 21, 2020

To be successful in closing, you must have the will to win. Selling is a win-win situation or it’s a lose-lose situation. There is no “fence-sitting” involved here. It’s all or nothing, and adopting a winner’s attitude will take you far along the road to

How to Win the Deal Without Discounting
January 14, 2020

If you base your offer on your price only, there is a good chance that someone will have a lower price than you, or you can end up in the bidding war that distracts from solutions. To avoid that, base your proposal on achieving more goals for your prospec

Offer the Best Solution, not the Lowest Price
January 06, 2020

If your offer is based only on price, there is a good chance that someone else will have a lower price than you; and you are prone to becoming involved in a bidding war that distracts from solutions. To avoid that, base your proposal on achieving more goa

The Last Step – Closing the Sale
December 31, 2019

In the presentation, you lead your prospect step by step through the successive stages of conviction to the point of desire. Right there is where the order is yours for the taking. But to get it you’ve got to take it. There’s no secret about being able to

Five Ways to Handle Price Objection
December 27, 2019

Many sales reps struggle with objections from their clients. One of the most common is that dreaded phrase: “I don’t have the money, and right now I just can’t afford it.” At this point, many sales reps give up and tell the client to call when they do hav

How to Handle the “I am Not Interested” Objection
December 23, 2019

If you’ve been in sales any length of time, you are familiar with objections. They stand in the way of your goal; closing a sale. The path to success lies in how to handle objections effectively. Being able to turn a negative viewpoint into a positive pro

How to Handle Price Objections
December 18, 2019

Objections to price are the most frequent of all objections. Your ability to meet these successfully is a valuable asset, and being efficient in sales is impossible without it. It is so important that every sales manager should take special efforts to see

The Art of Closing
December 13, 2019

Closing is so often regarded as the most difficult part of the selling process. But this should never be the case! Getting the order from a prospect whose interest and desire have been secured and whose objections have been effectively eliminated should s

The Objection Handling: Mind vs. Heart
December 10, 2019

In one of my previous sales tips (“The difference between excuse and objection”) I was talking about how we need to make a clear distinction between a genuine objection versus excuses and postponements. Today I will take this conversation one step further

The Difference Between an Excuse and Objection
December 06, 2019

When it comes to selling, what, exactly, is an objection? If we can truly understand what were dealing with when a prospect makes an objection, then it will be easier to handle and use to your advantage in the appropriate situation.Not all objections sh