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What is Color & Why?
March 12, 2019

Here's a little over 15 straight minutes of how my brain works, unfiltered. It may not make a lot of sense because a stream of consciousness isn't typically podcast-ready; they usually follow a logic only the thinker may understand and anyone else would g

S2:E2 Happy Blunders: Pranks Gone Beautifully Wrong
February 28, 2019

Based on true events; here's yet another podcast starring my weird family.

S2:E1 My Sister
January 29, 2019

I had to retake podcasting for an academic equivalent to a class no longer offered, yet still required for my degree. So here I am with season 2. I tried to up the production value a bit, but really, I did this a 2am the night before it was enjoy. So here