Wednesday in the Word with Krisan Marotta

Wednesday in the Word with Krisan Marotta

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06 Galatians 3:1-14 The Way to God
September 20, 2023

In Galatians 3, Paul begins a series of five arguments for justification by faith. In the first two, Paul argues from experience and from the plain teaching of Scripture.

05 Galatians 2:11-21 Did Jesus die for nothing?
September 13, 2023

Paul includes rebuking Peter as part of his defense. Paul could rebuke Peter because they had the same view of the gospel. This incident serves two purposes: 1) it furthers Pauls claim that he and th

04 Galatians 2:1-10 Nothing but the Truth
September 06, 2023

Fourteen years after his conversion, Paul went to Jerusalem to consult with the other apostles. They added nothing to his understanding and gave him the right hand of fellowship.

03 Galatians 1:11-24 A Message from God
August 30, 2023

Paul argues he received his gospel first-hand as a revelation from the risen Lord. His lack of contact with the other apostles proves the divine origin of his understanding.

02 Galatians 1:1-10 No Other Gospel
August 23, 2023

Paul opens his letter by defending his authority and his gospel. He argues you can recognize the true gospel by its source and its substance.

01 Galatians Introduction
August 16, 2023

Paul wrote this letter around 49 AD, about 15 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus to churches he founded during his first missionary journey.After Paul left, the Judaizers began teaching

Study Break
May 24, 2023

The podcast is on break for some much needed study time before we start a new series.

11 2Thessalonians 3:1-18 Handling the lazy
May 17, 2023

Paul closes with with three directives regarding work: 1) follow Paul's example of being willing to support himself; 2) work to meet your own needs; and 3) stop enabling those who won't work.

10 2Thessalonians 2:1-17 The lawless one
May 10, 2023

Paul reassures the Thessalonians that Christ has not returned because certain events must happen first. But they can take comfort that Christ will return to bring both justice and salvation for those

09 2Thessalonians 1:1-12 Handling suffering
May 03, 2023

Paul encourages a suffering church by reminding them of the certainty of God's justice and judgment. One day their suffering will end. But more importantly their faithful response through suffering