Wednesday in the Word with Krisan Marotta

Wednesday in the Word with Krisan Marotta

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63 Matthew 12:1-14 Two Sabbath stories
November 30, 2022

The Sabbath played a big role in the worsening relationship between Jesus and the Pharisees. Matthew gives us only these two stories. By the end of the second story, we learn that Pharisees are plan

62 Matthew 11:25-30 Take my yoke
November 16, 2022

For people who are self-satisfied and indifferent to God, miracles change nothing. They believe they already have wisdom and they reject Jesus. But those who are know they are needy and weary underst

61 Matthew 11:16-24 Woe to unrepentant cities
November 09, 2022

What Malachi predicted is finally happening. This generation finally stands in the presence of the herald and the Messiah. How does this generation receive that message? Jesus explains with an anal

60 Matthew 11:7-15 John the Baptist’s role
November 02, 2022

Jesus was so different from the Messiah people expected, even John the Baptist had moments where he wondered if Jesus was the Messiah. If hes really a prophet, how could John become confused? In thi

59 Matthew 11:1-6 Are you the one?
October 26, 2022

Matthew shifts his focus to the how people respond to Jesus. Most reject him. Even John the Baptist becomes confused, because Jesus is not acting like the Messiah he expected.

58 Matthew 10:40-42 Receiving a prophet
October 19, 2022

Jesus ends this discourse by telling the Twelve their role is like the prophets. They are standing in the place of Jesus. How people respond to the apostles reveals how they respond to Jesus.

57 Matthew 10:34-39 Not peace, a sword
October 12, 2022

Ultimately Jesus' role is to bring peace and restoration to the earth, but not yet. Now he came to bring a sword because his message requires a choice and that choice divides even families. To follow

56 Matthew 10:24-33 Fear only God
October 05, 2022

All of us face the question: What am I going to believe so much that it changes the way I think, respond and make choices? I make those decisions based on what or who I fear most. Jesus says the wis

55 Matthew 10:23 Coming of the Son of Man
September 28, 2022

Matthew 10:23 is one of the most difficult verses in the New Testament. It raises many eschatological problems. This podcast provides an overview of the options and issues.

54 Matthew 10:8-23 Provisions & Persecution
September 21, 2022

On this journey, Jesus deliberately makes his apostles dependent on the hospitality of the children of Israel by instructing them not to take provisions. The apostles might expect they are launching a