Weather Hype

Weather Hype

Episode 59: It Goes Both Ways: Connecting Research and Practice (w/ Drs. Joe Trainor and Scott Miles)

August 06, 2019

The disaster and natural hazard communities are made up of many moving parts and people that play different roles. Two prominent roles are “the researcher” and “the practitioner.” However, to successfully implement new-found knowledge into practice and to further investigate some of the practical challenges that practitioners face, researchers and practitioners must work together. That’s where Impact360 Alliance can help out.

Impact 360 Alliance, which was previously known as the Alliance for Integrative Approaches to Extreme Environmental Events, strives to help researchers and practitioners establish connections, build relationships, and co-create innovative solutions together.

On this week’s episode of WeatherHype, we are joined by Dr. Joe Trainor - Director of the Disaster Science and Management Program at the University of Delaware and the Chair of the Impact360 Steering Committee as well as Dr. Scott Miles - the Director of Impact360 Alliance to talk about the importance of building and maintaining researcher and practitioner relationships. You will learn about the up-and-coming organization called Impact360 that strives to build these researcher-practitioner connections. Not only that, but you’ll also pick up some tips to help you collaborate or start one of these mutual partnerships along the way.

Whether you are a researcher, practitioner, or a little of both, this episode will have something for you! So, stick around because WeatherHype is coming up next!

Modifications were made for the Introduction and transition music "Baby, I'm Bad Weather" by Toussaint Morrison: and "You Can Use" by Captive Portal and "Awaken" by Scott Holmes: