The Weather Junkies

The Weather Junkies

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Ep. 117: Eyewitness Testimony of the Dallas Tornado Event
October 25, 2019

Dakota and Merry are joined by Philip Ellis who observed and recorded a tornado in the Dallas metro area on Sunday night.

Ep. 116: On Becoming a Meteorologist (w/ Meredith Garofalo)
September 27, 2019

Dakota is joined by Meredith Garofalo to discuss how she became a meteorologist and why it's important to follow your dream.

Ep. 115: About That Sharpie... A Hurricane Dorian Discussion
September 05, 2019

Ryan, Tyler, and Dakota breakdown Hurricane Dorian and all the things that have taken place since the storm formed.

Ep. 114: Lowdown on Hurricane Dorian with Philippe Papin
September 01, 2019

Listen to an extensive Q&A on Hurricane Dorian with Dr. Philippe Papin

Ep. 113: The Importance of Summer Internships in Broadcast Meteorology
August 30, 2019

Tyler and Ryan are joined by Matt Hoenig to chat about his recent summer internship and final year at Penn State.

Ep. 112: Water Security, Britney Spears, & Life on Mars with Dr. Tracy Fanara
August 24, 2019

Dakota is joined by Dr. Tracy Fanara of the Mote Marine Lab to talk about the million number of projects she's working on.

Ep. 111: The Hot Takes of Broadcast Meteorology (with Ari Sarsalari)
August 16, 2019

Ari Sarsalari joins Merry and Dakota to chat about the world of broadcast meteorology. Beware of hot takes.

Ep. 110: Bloopers, School Visits, Early Mornings - That's The TV Life
August 08, 2019

Tyler and Dakota are joined by friend of the pod, Christy Shields for a chat all about her life as a broadcast meteorologist.

Ep. 109: Weather, Technology, and STEM Education - A Deep Dive with the Founder of WeatherSTEM
July 26, 2019

Dakota is joined by Ed Mansouri of WeatherSTEM to discuss how WeatherSTEM came to be and why he's passionate about science education.

Ep. 108: Phone Applications Changing the Weather Visualization Game
July 18, 2019

Ryan and Tyler are joined by the creators of Weather Lab, a new weather app!