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Tactical Practices For Business Estate Taxes With Jeremy Suarez and Michael Canarick
November 15, 2021

Do you have a plan in place if you lose some of your key employees? What if you could no longer afford to maintain your key employees and business due to taxes?  Preparing for any of these scenarios i

The World of Health Care Benefit Plans With Stefan Carpentieri
October 04, 2021

When reviewing your health care benefit plan options, do you have the right information to make the best choice for you? In this episode, Iván Watanabe sits down with OPUS PC’s benefits consultant, St

The Benefits of Equity Awards With Alejandro Azuaje
September 20, 2021

Company benefits come in many shapes and sizes.  One major way some employees are being compensated today is through equity awards. This is a benefit that is bigger than it appears and is one business

What to Know About Moving Across State Lines With Mark Klein
September 06, 2021

Moving for work or a new venture can be exciting.  But new taxes you may be paying less so. In this episode, the chairman and partner of Hodgson Russ LLP, Mark Klein, joins Iván Watanabe and Russ Carp

Supercharge Your Career With Julie Harnik
August 23, 2021

Over the past eighteen months, our understanding of work as employers and employees has changed dramatically.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t build the career you’ve been looking for. In this episode

A Conversation Around Estate Planning & Taxes with Michael Canarick
July 05, 2021

There’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes with having a strategic and comprehensive plan for your future. This is especially true when it comes to your estate plan. In this episode, Canarick &

Bringing People & Communities into Commercial Real Estate with Zameer Upadhya & Chris Chambers
June 21, 2021

When Platinum Premier Global Equity looks to invest, it looks for ways it can help improve its local communities. In this episode, Platinum Premier’s Zameer Upadhya and  Chris Chambers join Iván Watanabe to share how the company is working to help peop...

Must-Know Business Exit Planning Considerations With Jeremy Suarez
June 07, 2021

New Jersey financial consulting firm Tomoro LLC possesses a distinct ability to manage business owners’ financial choices in a way that will help them reach their desired long-term wealth goals. How do they do it? Find out in this episode,

Resuming Air Travel in the Era of COVID-19 With MilesAhead – With Rob Karp
May 24, 2021

With summer just around the corner and vaccination rollouts ramping up, some countries are starting to lift their restrictions, and slowly but surely, the travel world is beginning to return. In this episode, MilesAhead’s CEO and founder, Rob Karp,

Bajraktari Realty’s Diverse Real Estate Approach — With George Papanicolaou, Florim, and Gani Bajraktari
May 10, 2021

Bajraktari Realty Management is a multifaceted company that owns and operates over 70 buildings throughout the Bronx, Manhattan, and Yonkers area. After spending over 25 years servicing the New York real estate market,