Wealth Done Differently - Retirement

Wealth Done Differently - Retirement

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Episode 34 — 4 Areas of Preparation for Your Life Season Transition
September 11, 2019

Your fall season of life will be very different than your summer season. As you prepare for the oncoming transition, there are several financial considerations to keep in mind. Today, Danielle Howard uncovers four financial areas to look at when prepar...

Episode 33 — Mastering the Non-Financial Side of Your Fall Season — With Denis Wuestman
September 03, 2019

Through years of experience, Danielle Howard has learned that rewiring to something — not from something —makes a big difference in the transition into life’s fall season. To help you transition into your fall season,

Episode 32 — How to Find Motivation in Your Fall Season
August 14, 2019

What motivates you as you make financial decisions? To help you better understand the “why” behind your money motivations, Danielle Howard explores different money motivators and how they can impact your mindset and spending decisions.

Episode 31 — Financial Umbilical Cord or Lifeline?
July 31, 2019

We all want our kids to thrive. But when you financially support an adult child, are you helping or hindering them? Today, Danielle Howard shares tips on how to handle financial situations with your adult children. Focusing on the word “respect,

Episode 30 — What Could the Secure Act Bring to Your Financial Life? — Part 2
July 17, 2019

With all of the positive changes that new legislation can bring to our lives, it’s important to also consider the less appealing changes that can come with it. After uncovering the new possibilities that the SECURE Act could offer us in part one of her...

Episode 29 — What Could the SECURE Act Bring to Your Financial Life? — Part 1
July 03, 2019

Did you know there is a new piece of legislation called the SECURE Act that could possibly go into effect on December 31 of this year? When it comes to our financial lives, Danielle Howard is all about keeping an open mind towards intentional opportuni...

Episode 28 — Know Your Rights With Your Financial Advisor
June 05, 2019

Many clients don’t know what to expect when meeting up with their financial professional and simply go along with what they’re told. However, Danielle Howard wants you to get the most out of your client-advisor relationship. Today,

Episode 27 — What’s Your Retirement Good News? Optimizing Your Monetary Elements
May 24, 2019

The gig economy is bringing good news to retirees who want to create income during their fall season. What will your good news be? Today, Danielle Howard discusses how retirees can make the most of the shifting retirement landscape by staying clear on ...

Episode 26 — The Four Elements of a Well-Rounded Financial Workout
May 08, 2019

We take care of our physical health by stretching and building stamina, strength, and stability. But did you know that there are tremendous benefits to applying these actions to our dollars? Today, Danielle Howard builds off of the four S’s of physical...

Episode 25 — Using the Four S’s of Physical Health to Strengthen Your Fall Season — With Guest Amanda Wagner
April 24, 2019

When the time comes to retire and rewire, your financial life isn’t the only thing that changes. In today’s episode, Danielle Howard explores the physical health changes that come with the fall season of life. With the help of Amanda Wagner,