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We Talk Photo

Drone Photography

August 23, 2021

Jack and John welcome Bill Fortney to the show to talk about drones and drone photography.     They  have been exploring the use of drones for the past several months/years in their photography and in this episode talk about how the use of an aerial platform has increased their range of photographic possibilities as well as how drone photography has influenced their land-based photography.
Bill/Jack Drone Article:  https://jackgrahamphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/DRONES_FINALv4.pdf
Bills Website: https://billfortney.com
Jacks Website: https://jackgrahamphoto.com
Johns Website: https://johnpedersenphoto.com

FROM BILL: “This tree was a special circumstance; I was out after a pretty snow and saw a tree way out in a field and wanted to shoot it, but it was behind a fence and way out in the field. I did not have my longer telephoto lens with me and then it dawned on me I could fly out to it!!! I flew the drone out across the field and then adjusted my altitude to get the composition and background I wanted and then shot it! I converted the shot to monochrome in post and my feet were dry! I didn’t have to climb the fence and then walk onto private property, and I got the shot!!!”

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