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We Talk Photo

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Interview with Ellen Anon
November 26, 2019

Jack & John welcome Ellen Anon to the podcast.  Ellen is an engaging photographer who has a vision for capturing her natural subjects in a way that grabs the viewer.  Ellen is a teacher, writer and outstanding photographer and we hope that you enjoy ou...

Interview with Gary Crabbe
November 11, 2019

Jack & John welcome Gary Crabbe to this latest episode of We Talk Photo.    Gary is an amazingly talented photographer and writer and through his various projects his dedication to the craft and art comes through loud and clear.

Interview with Dan Bailey – Fuji X Photographer
October 25, 2019

Jack & John welcome Dan Bailey to the podcast.    Dan is based in Alaska and a Fuji X photographer who focuses on landscape, aerial and cycling/adventure photography.  An Avid mountain biker, Dan travels extensively to photograph and ride and amass mor...

Photo Manipulation Round Table Discussion
October 16, 2019

In this episode we bring together a group of photographers for a round table discussion about photo manipulation and discuss items like cropping, sky replacement, compositing, etc.  The act of creating art is in the eye of the artist and most of us acc...

Interview with Ron Rosenstock
October 03, 2019

Jack and John welcome to the show a fantastic photographer and all-around great guy, Ron Rosenstock. Ron is a world traveller who has amassed an amazing portfolio of images, both in color and in monochrome.

Interview with Billy Luong (Fuji Guy)
September 19, 2019

Jack & John are please to have one of the Fuji Guys on our program, Mr Billy Luong.  Billy is a Senior Product/Training Manager with Fujifilm Canada and has an immense passion for photography that comes through in all he talks about.

Interview with Karen Hutton and the power of awe
September 12, 2019

Jack & John welcome Karen Hutton to the podcast.  Karen is a photographer, author, speaker, voice artist and overall champion of light. Listen in as Karen talks about her inspirations, her experiences and how she approaches her many creative endeavors ...

Alaska Bears & Landscape Photo Workshop Recap
September 06, 2019

John and Jack recently returned from leading a workshop in Katmai National Park to photograph the grizzly bears in their natural habitat.  Listen as they describe the workshop and the fantastic experience.  In what could be a “bucket list” trip for man...

Interview with Scott Kelby
August 28, 2019

Jack & John are  honored to welcome Scott Kelby to the podcast.  Scott is known worldwide for his photographic work, along with his media company.  Listen as Jack and John talk to Scott about his recent travels, new camera equipment,

Interview with Guy Tal
August 20, 2019

Jack & John welcome  one of the most exciting and insightful creators, artist, photographer and writer today, Guy Tal.  Guy has produced an incredibly amazing body of work, both visually and verbally about photography, creativity and life.