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73: How Publicists Can Become Indispensable with Tamara Sykes
April 09, 2024

Although the media industry is constantly in flux, we have seen some significant changes over the past year that don’t inspire confidence in the current stability of things. In light of news regarding layoffs across all industries, how can publicists beco

72: What Publicists Can Learn From SEO's with Vince Nero
April 02, 2024

Today we have a guest who considers himself more of an SEO than PR. But, with the convergence of digital comes the reality that PR influences SEO and sometimes vice versa. With that in mind, we have a conversation all around clever ways to prospect and gr

71: Build a Moat Using Content-Led PR with Hannah Smith
March 26, 2024

We have a repeat guest joining us today. Well talk about something thats been on her mind, which is the growth of asset-less PR in lieu of hero/content-led campaigns. Well discuss potential reasons why this may be, and what the potential opportunity co

70: Explore Your Mental Health with Dr. Anne Welsh
March 19, 2024

In this special episode, we explore mental health with executive coach and psychologist, Dr. Anne Welsh. Well cover perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and anxiety, along with actionable tips you can take to take control of your mental health through healt

69: Pitch a Timely AI Story with Ian Krietzberg (The Street)
March 12, 2024

In this episode, we analyze a real pitch sent under embargo by the CTO of a tech company to a tech reporter at a leading business publication. Well learn how and why this pitch worked, and gain some takeaways of how you too might secure a dream, spotligh

68: Write a Long Pitch with Daniela Molina (InvestigateTV)
March 05, 2024

Todays episode we connect with a TV producer who has worked with both Britt and Jaclyn. Catch a glimpse into both of our worlds and come out inspired to build your own, rewarding relationship with an awesome producer doing important work. Along the way,

Spring 2024 Season Teaser
January 25, 2024

This season we will also be sharing the video recordings - yay! We figured we would test out the new video platform we're using and give a little teaser into the 2024 season. Keep an eye on your feeds for new episodes dropping in March. TTFN!

67: Make People’s Lives Better with Diana Kelly Levey
August 21, 2023

Todays episode stems from a freelance journalists heartfelt confession of how she deals with nerves before conducting interviews. As publicists, we too deal with these nerves, but to hear it from the other side? Refreshing. We speak with our guest regar

66: Answer a #Journorequest with Taneia Surles, MPH (Freelance Health Reporter)
August 07, 2023

Our guest today, a freelance health reporter, doesn't use PR pitches to write her stories. And, despite this, she still works with publicists! So how does it all work? This episode is all about the art of answering media queries. If you remember Casey

65: Land a Long Feature in WSJ with Kelsey Ogletree
July 24, 2023

This is the story of a piece that almost wasnt meant to be. And, if youre into interior design, youll especially want to give this episode a listen. Our guest shares how a trending topic, unlikely pitch, and serendipitous encounter with a stranger all