We Are 2 Peas: Two Peas in a Podcast

We Are 2 Peas: Two Peas in a Podcast

We Are 2 Peas 004: United in its Division

October 12, 2015

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Ben and Prashanta prepare for the big Canadian federal election! They share their excitement about water on Mars. Ben expands this terrible iPhone 6S shipping experience into what the future of shipping might be. Which would you rather enjoy: a relaxing vacation or an adventurous one? Listen in and let us know!


Ben luckily receives his iPhone 6S after a terrible experience with UPS. He and Prashanta look at how it could have been better, and end up remapping the future of shipping!


Would you rather take a relaxing beach vacation or an active, adventurous one? Ben and Prashanta weigh beachside drinks and jungle hikes. Which would you rather? Have your say and let us know via Twitter, Facebook, or email peasinapodcast@gmail.com!