We Are 2 Peas: Two Peas in a Podcast

We Are 2 Peas: Two Peas in a Podcast

We Are 2 Peas 002: The path not travelled at all

September 13, 2015

Ben and Prashanta discuss death defying camping, floating obstacle courses, and compare small odds at winning millions vs. great odds at winning thousands.


Prashanta portages and climbs his way into a life or death situation. Does he defy all odds and scrape together a survival? More importantly - does he take a selfie in the process?

Ben explores Montreal, culminating in a giant inflatable obstacle course on the St Lawrence. Who wins? Him or the monkey bars?!


Would you rather a 1% shot at $2 million, 10% shot at $100,000, or 50% chance at winning $10,000? Our conclusions may surprise you! Have your say and let us know! Twitter @weare2peas #weare2peas Facebook.com/weare2peas http://www.WeAre2Peas.ca