We Are 2 Peas: Two Peas in a Podcast

We Are 2 Peas: Two Peas in a Podcast

We Are 2 Peas 001: What do you call a cousin's wife?

August 30, 2015

In this episode, Ben and Prashanta discuss the days pre-cell phone, and how that era differs from today. Do kids even call one another these days?


Ben deals with credit card fraud. Who pays for it, and when is justice served, if ever? Do store clerks get to cut up credit cards in real life?

Talk of security brings up Ottawa's dirty little secret. Hashtag Ashley Madison. As a note, while the website caters to married folk, one didn't need to be in a relationship to sign up.

Prashanta handles an explosion in his car, busing Mythbusters in the process. Who would have thought hot cars on a hot day could be so dangerous?


Would you rather live in the worst house in a rich neighbourhood or the best house in a poor neighbourhood? Ben and Prashanta has this discussion out. Where do you stand? Have your say and let us know! Twitter @weare2peas #weare2peas Facebook.com/weare2peas www.weare2peas.ca