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Brad Davis: How to turn micro failures into macro successes
May 17, 2020

To many who know him now, they see his body of work and think "wow, this guy is successful." But what most do not know about MLS veteran (3rd all-time in assists) and World Cup star, is the path that led him to the big stage. Hear about the times in his..

Ben Friesen - Hard Work And Preparation
May 09, 2020

This Missouri kid was raised in the humble beginnings of Raymore, to a father who was a police officer turned pastor, and a stay at home mother who at one time was a best-seller of "how to" books for Amazon. Although his stature during his high school...

Wes Hamer - Finding Meaning and Courage Through Travel
April 28, 2020

Most recent college grads have it rough. Living with multiple roommates, rifling through applications and job interviews only to find out they didn't have enough experience for their entry level job. What was it all for? But not Wes Hamer. He had landed..

Mike Palomba - Being a leader
April 19, 2020

A kid from New York comes to Kansas City against his will and learns lessons in business and life from an unlikely source, a pizzeria owner. Fast forward to today, Mike Palomba now has opened direct marketing offices in more states than I have visited,...

Dan The Man McCall
March 26, 2020

A boy from Western Kansas comes to the big city and lands a job at a restaurant to pay his way through college. There he fosters a love for cooking, goes on to meet his mentor at a sports bar, and hasn't looked back since. Now with a family and two...