War of Infinite Panels

War of Infinite Panels

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Into the Discord
August 09, 2021

Join Matt and Sara as they rejoin the world of the living (mostly) and talk about all of the big summer comics news, including Loki, Marvel What If...?, The Suicide Squad, new book adaptations and mor

Interview with 'Renegade Rule' writers Ben Kahn & Rachel Silverstein
June 02, 2021

Matt and Sara dig deep into the story of Renegade Rule with an interview with the writers Ben Kahn and Rachel Silverstein. Renegade Rule is available wherever comics are sold on June 2!

Indies in the Spotlight
May 31, 2021

Matt and Sara talk Gerry Conway hot takes, indie comics coming to the big screen, Marvel's news for Phase 4, Venom's return, and Grant Morrison coming back to write Man of Steel. And, as always, check out our recommendations!

Special Edition #1: Renegade Rule
May 30, 2021

Matt and Sara review Renegade Rule by Ben Kahn, Rachel Silverstein, and Sam Beck in their first special edition of War of Infinite Panels. Check out Sara's full review at theouterhaven.net!

It's Not in Black and White
April 19, 2021

Matt and Sara are back at it again, talking about Ray Fischer's comments on Justice League, Krypton's casting faux pas, the upcoming Jupiter's Legacy adaptation, and more! And as always, we rag on Joss Whedon, cause he keeps putting terribleness out there

The Gritty Realism Episode
April 18, 2021

Matt and Sara tackle the disaster/redemption that is the Snyder Cut of Justice League, from the discrimination and blacklisting of Ray Fischer to the fan hype around this 4-hour film.

Up, Up, and a Way Home
March 05, 2021

Matt and Sara meet up once again to give you the lowdown on comics news, including the ending of WandaVision, the new DC comics, the controversy surrounding Joss Whedon, and the reveal of the new Spider-Man 3 title under the MCU.

New Year, Same Bookshelf
January 04, 2021

Matt and Sara recap what has been a crazy year, recommending the best comics and TV shows they watched in 2020 .

Stockings Stuffed
December 21, 2020

Matt and Sara break down all of the gifts the studios have brought us this year. From Disney's massive announcing of all the new Marvel and Star Wars shows and movies, to DC putting Wonder Woman 1984 out on Christmas, to all Sony movies coming out on HBO

War Of Infinite Panels #33 - Written in Blood
October 31, 2020

Matt and Sara are in the spooky mood this Halloween, so let's go over some frighteningly good (and bad) news. Michael B. Jordan producing a Static Shock adaptation, Regal Cinemas shutting down, comic book movies getting delayed yet again, Lumberjanes comi