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Episode 19: Thanks for a great few months!
May 22, 2019

We have found that we love talking about video games, but ultimately love playing them more. We have decided to put a pause on the podcast and might pursue other options in the future. Thanks for all the support!  --- Support this podcast: https:/

Episode 18: "World of Warcraft Classic and Battle Royal Losing Ground?"
May 16, 2019

In this episode Brett and Michael talk about all the games released this week. Games like Rage 2, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Dauntless, and Monster Hunter. We also discuss Disney's buyout of Hulu and then wrap it all up with talking about how Epic gaming is

Episode 17: "Rocket League buyout and Anthem Developers moving on"
May 09, 2019

This week we recap some of the May 4th excitement as well as EA access coming to Playstation, Sea of Thieves fishing, Epic acquiring Psyonix, Outer  Wilds, and much more! Support the show at Patreon.com/wbgcast. Join the conversation @WBGcast on twit

Episode 16: "Game of Thrones/Endgame Talk and Days Gone
May 02, 2019

In this episode we break tradition and take a large chunk of the podcast and talk about Game of Thrones and Avengers:Endgame. We also discuss other news in the video game community, things like Overwatch, Days Gone, World War Z, and more.  Intro: 0:1

Episode 15: "Subverse and Overwatch Workshop"
April 25, 2019

A day late, Brett and Mike talk about a rather quiet week in the news. We highlight Subverse, New Switch, Best Selling Games, and Overwatch's Workshop.  Time Stamps  What have you been Playing: 10:32 Subverse: 17:57 New Switch: 24:46 Fortnite Ov

Episode 14: "Sekiro and Star Wars!!
April 17, 2019

Brett and Michael unpack a big weekend from Xbox and Star Wars. Xbox reveals the new disc-less console, and TONS of news coming from the Star Wars Celebration weekend in Chicago!  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wannabegaming/support

Episode 13: "Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and World of Warcraft Classic"
April 10, 2019

This week we talk about WoW classic, Xbox Pass Ultimate, Jedi Fallen Order, New Assassin's creed, Overwatch event,  and Remnant From the Ashes. We also talk about living in a zoo or amusement park and our love for Disney.  --- Support this po

Episode 12: "Borderlands 3 and Inside BioWare Anthem"
April 03, 2019

Brett and Michael talk about Borderlands 3, COD Blackouts Battle Royale, and talk about Jason Scheier's amazing article about BioWare's dysfunction and why Anthem failed and can BioWare afford to fail again. Also Brett tells us about how he is pretty much

Episode 11: "Star Wars: Dark Forces and PlayStation State of Play."
March 28, 2019

A developer has started recreating Dark Forces in the unreal 4 engine and we get super excited about the idea of all the old star wars games remastered in the unreal engine. We also talk about EA layoffs, Apex Legends next legend, and PlayStation state of

Episode 10: "Octane, Baptiste and Stadia"
March 20, 2019

Brett and Michael talk about Apex Legend's new character Octane/Season 1, Overwatch/Baptiste, and go into depth about Stadia and how it might impact the future of gaming! --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/wannabega