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PlankCast - Nintendo Esports & Events

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2. Splatfest 2020 Bet Result Ketchup vs. Mayo! Who has to eat a 1/2 cup of condiments?
May 27, 2020

Nintendo splatfest 2020 Mayo vs. Ketchup tournament. 

1. Zack's Mario Kart Tournament Success? │ Ketchup vs. Mayo Splatoon 2 Splatfest │ Channel Updates
May 18, 2020

Why was Zack screaming like a girl at the end of the mario kart 8 delux tournament? Did Zack and Luke take the splatfest bet too far this time? What is this podcast anyways?

Joy Con Drift Is Awful! Is Nintendo A Villain Or A Hero In This Situation?
July 28, 2019

 Joy con drifting is ruining the hearts of many and the fun of the Nintendo Sswitch. Has Nintendo done enough to solve this issue or are they simply a villain?  Please insert your thoughts on Luke's twitter and let us know what your side of the

Are Subscriber-Only Twitch Streams a Fair Way to Support Streamers?
July 08, 2019

Zack & Luke (Famous streamers) debate if subscriber-only streams are a benefit for the community of streamers and audiences alike. Is Amazon just trying to milk us dry of all our cash, or is a sub-only stream just a patreon-like way to support your fa

The LOOTBOX Debate! Should These Horrific Things Even Be Legal?
July 01, 2019

 The Lootbox debate has been going on for a long time now and yet we are still debating it in 2019 because of the recent legislation from senator Hawley that is trying to make lootboxes in games that are targeted towards kids illegal. Is this the cor

Are Gaming Subscriptions The Way Of The Future? Will It End Up Being Better Or Worse For Us?
June 23, 2019

 Today Zack & Luke debate about gaming subscriptions on Gaming On Trial. Will they be the way gaming happens in the future? Will we be saving money or spending more money? What about developers and publishers? Who is going to have the better outc

Who Won E3 2019? Our Top 3 Companies Ranked!
June 17, 2019

 Who Won E3 2019? Zack and Luke debate to the death over this topic!  Sorry for the poor audio quality as the live streaming of the podcast messed it up somehow and we could only repair it so much. If it's too bad to listen to for you, simply wa

Update To Our Podcast! Plus Nintendo News (Pokemon Direct, Mario Maker 2 & Google Stadia)
June 09, 2019

  Our podcast is changing! It will still be right here in the same podcast feed but we are now narrowing down our podcast focus  to be "Gaming On Trial." This new podcast format will now allow us to talk about bigger issues of gaming, rather tha

Best Video Game Movie Of All Time? Detective Pikachu Review!
May 24, 2019

Our thoughts and review on the new Detective Pikachu Movie!  Zack's Twitter - Luke's Twitter - Youtube -

Do Video Game Reviews Influence Us Too Much? Debate Time!
May 17, 2019

How do video games influence our choices when buying and playing games? Do people have their own opinions on video games anymore or is it all group think? Let us know what you think about video game reviews and how they influence your gaming! Instagram -