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Preparing For Greater | Wakeup Wednesdays Podcast | Lucrece Augusma
June 05, 2024

In this empowering episode of the Wakeup Wednesdays Podcast, host Lucrece Augusma shares 5 powerful keys from Scripture to help listeners prepare for the greater that God has in store. Through insightful teachings and personal stories, Lucrece guides us o

Growing Godly Relationships | WakeUp Wednesdays | Sherice Morris
September 06, 2023

Great relationships help us grow. Connecting with the right people whether professionally, personally or romantically can impact our business and life. Join us as we discuss these topics with Sherice Morris, author of Worth The Wait. Get Sherice's boo

Marketing Your Brand | WakeUp Wednesdays | Lucrece Augusma
August 02, 2023

Join us this episode as we discuss branding vs. marketing and some tips to creating a fire marketing strategy for your brand.Are you a woman in business needing help starting on your branding journey? Sign up for our free On-Demand Branding Course here

Designing A World-Class Brand | WakeUp Wednesdays Podcast | Lucrece Augusma
July 05, 2023

The key to having a world-class brand starts from the inside out. Today we discuss how to find your brands voice in a crowded space and design the world-class brand of your dreams.Get our Free Makeover My Brand Course to help you get started on your b

Cultivating Godly Self-Care | Wakeup Wednesdays Podcast | Kat Ponds
June 07, 2023

Prioritizing your spiritual, mental and physical health is a must for a whole life. Join us this episode as we discuss these topics with Kat Ponds.ABOUT KATKat Ponds is a woman of faith, wife, mother of three, veteran-turned-mompreneur, natural skin c

Creating A Brand Framework | WakeUp Wednesdays | Lucrece Augusma S5:E3
May 17, 2023

Every brand has their secret sauce. In this episode we discuss how to create your own that sets you apart from the rest.Join us for our next Virtual Open House on Wednesday, May 24th at 7:00 PM. We'll be streaming live on Facebook and YouTube. Foll

From Zero to Millions: The Blueprint to Financial Wealth | LaShawne Holland | Season 5, Episode 2
April 05, 2023

Join in on this conversation with LaShawne Holland, The Queen of Green to discuss the ins and outs of cultivating and growing your money. In this episode she discusses practical items you can implement in your life today to help you build your wealth blue

Creating A Success Routine | WakeUp Wednesdays Podcast | S5:E1
February 22, 2023

Were three months into the year. How are those goals coming along. Stay the course for the rest of the year with a success routine. In this episode, you will learn: How you can use a success routine in your life How to create a success routine that he

Season Four Roundup | Wakeup Wednesdays | Lucrece Augusma S4:E7
July 27, 2022

Join us as we wrap up this season discussing how to position yourselves in this coming season for positive impact.SIGN UP FOR OUR NEXT CHALLENGE:Makeover My Brand Challenge

Purposeful Business | WakeUp Wednesdays S4:E6 | Lucrece Augusma
June 08, 2022

In this episode, we chat about building a purposeful business in 2022 and beyond. Learn the key areas to focus on when being intentional in your business Get practical steps on applying this principle to grow your business.GET STARTED ON THE BRANDING