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e323. The Complex Legacy of Barbie: Gender, Fashion & Identity
June 17, 2024

So how about that Barbie? No, not THAT Barbie we did a show on the movie last year. No, what we want to talk about is enduring legacy of the

e322. 4 Killer Out-of-the-Box X-men Movie Pitches for the MCU
June 10, 2024

Its somehow been five years since Disneys acquisition of Fox and the impending promise therein of having the X-men added into the MCU. While we have lets just say

e321. The All-Time Best All-Time Best Albums List of All Time
June 03, 2024

A couple weeks ago, Apple Music released their list of the 100 Best Albums of all time. This isnt really new. People do it all the time. In fact, Rolling

e320. Adrenaline and Affection: Exploring the Action Romance Genre
May 27, 2024

What do you do if youre in couple that was designed on an 80s sitcom so you have extremely traditional gender roles of a feminine partner who loves lovey dovey

e319. X-men ’97 Revisited: Superheroes, Sacrifices, & Saturday Mornings
May 20, 2024

Theres an argument that the current wave of superhero dominated content that pervades popular media doesnt begin with the MCU but with X-men the Animated Series, a cartoon that ran

e318. A.I. in Academia: Balancing Technology and Traditional Learning
May 13, 2024

(Note from Mav. This is an episode about A.I. and Academic writing so I decided to just let Descripts A.I. take a stab at writing the show notes all by

e317: From Field to Frame: Life Lessons from Sports Movies
May 06, 2024

Sometimes when the world is on fire, you just want to watch a dumb feel good sports movie. Right now the world is on fire, so we thought maybe wed

e316. 2024 Summer Movie Season
April 29, 2024

Its been four years since movies shut down for the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Its probably been too long to say were still rebuilding the box office. We

e315. Revisiting Classics: The Delicate Art of Remakes and Adaptations
April 22, 2024

So did you know there was a new remake of The Crow coming out? If you did then chances are, at least according to the internet, that youre probably outraged

e314. Fashion, Furniture, and Furballs — Six Years of VoxPopcast
April 15, 2024

On this weeks show, all five co-hosts are online to celebrate six years of producing a weekly pseudo academic roundtable of pop culture analysis with drinking and swearing. It isnt