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#52 Strongholds & Followers
August 19, 2019

In this episode William, Jake, and David dive into Matt Colville’s D&D 5e supplement Strongholds & Followers and see where it fits in the D&D product ecosystem. 

#51 High Seas Adventures
August 12, 2019

Dirty pirates, cunning smugglers, beautiful port cities, horrors from the depths – this episode is all about maritime campaigns and what makes them great!

#50 Advanced Dungeons
July 29, 2019

For our 50th episode, we add more thoughts on to our very first episode and delve back into the topic of dungeons!

#49 Ability Scores
July 02, 2019

This episode is devoted to those little numbers, their importance, and character stats’ overall effect on the game.

#48 Roleplaying as a Player
June 25, 2019

Listen up, players! It’s time to up your roleplaying game.

#47 Roleplaying as a Dungeon Master
June 12, 2019

There’s more to being a Dungeon Master than drawing maps and writing notes; don’t forget to roleplay!

#46 One-Shots
June 05, 2019

What’s the fastest way to play D&D? In a one-shot, of course!

#45 Horror and RPG Design with Matt Corley
May 08, 2019

This episode is an interview with game designer Matt Corley, where we dive into how to infuse horror in tabletop RPGs, general game design, and the tabletop gaming industry.

#44 Character Death
April 15, 2019

When adventuring, death is always a possibility...

#43 Magic!
April 01, 2019

Magic is essential to nearly every fantasy roleplaying world. In this episode, Jake, William, and David discuss the importance of magic and the effects magic has on roleplaying, worldbuilding, and gameplay.