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Season 1 AND DONE
August 11, 2019

Hey everyone! This is the end of season 1 of volatile vegan, we’ll be back in the fall with (hopefully) a brand new mic and chuck full of ideas for content! Thanks so much for listening, we’ll see ya later. If ya got an episode idea please dm or email us.

Rambly McRambleson
July 27, 2019

On this rambly episode we talk about what we do when we’re stressed and how we take care of ourselves but mostly we literally just ramble about nonsense. If ya got an episode idea please dm or email us! Special thanks to our patreons, but especially to o.

Dairy is scary
July 16, 2019

Dairy is scary and the dairy industry is scared. Alex and Effie talk about the horrors of the dairy industry no matter which way you look at it. Special thanks to our patreons, but especially to our $5 teir pledgers: Felix, Josie, and Meghan.

Catch up with us (drama, eat drink vegan, fitness!)
June 29, 2019

Camping, Eat drink vegan, FRIEND BREAKUPS, fitness journeys and catching up! Alex and I haven’t seen each other in a whole month and this episode is us filling each other in about June! A headsup: we talk about fitness and body image stuff so please keep.

June 07, 2019

Alex and I are TIIIIRED, so enjoy this little updatey... Filler episode while we figure out how to get into the groove of things. We have decided that during the summer time and with balancing our full time jobs that we will upload a new episode once eve.

Camping and raw dogging it! (both WHILE BEING VEGAN)
May 25, 2019

Almost summer time BAYBAY! On todays episode Alex and Effie talk about camping while vegan, our fave accidentally vegan treats to bring, fun camp activites… We also go off on a tangent about camping stories while growing up! Special thanks to our patreon.

Veganism and the environment (don't talk to me until i have my coffee!!!)
May 20, 2019

Are you an environmentalist? Do you eat meat but use reusable straws? Today on vv, we talk about the environment and the impact animal agriculture has on global warning! We also riff a lot, so… enjoy! Special thanks to our patreons, but especially to our.

The egg industry! (we don't got a funny pun this time we're tired)
May 11, 2019

Hey folks! This one goes out to everyone who eats eggs. The next couple of weeks we will be focusing on specific animal agriculture industries and this episode is about eggs. We talk about everything from what free range really means to what happens afte.

Broke vancouver vegan! (Veganism on a budget, veganism and masculinity)
April 25, 2019

Hey everyone!  Today on VV we have another guest: Broke Vancouver Vegan (aka Lenny, he's awesome!). We talk about how veganism doesn't have to be expensive, a little bit about veganism and masculinity and another great food poisoning story. Special thank.

Sex, drugs and rock n roll! (With our friend Ang!)
April 20, 2019

Happy 420 everyone. On this episode of volatile vegan, we have our very first guest: Ang! Ang is our awesome friend and also Alex's bff and roomate. We explore the world of vegan booze, cigarettes, and sex from the party god herself. We talk about partie.