Voices of Hope On Air

Voices of Hope On Air

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Breaking common Eating Disorder Myths
August 13, 2019

I sat down with Millie to break down common eating disorder myths

Post Natal Depression with Nikki Isemonger
August 07, 2019

Twin mum Nikki shares her battle with PND

Using my lived experience to help others
June 25, 2019

Gen talks to Daneka about her lived experience and the work she's doing in mental health

10,000 Dreams with Fraser Grut
June 10, 2019

Fraser is on a mission to film 10,000 dreams

Jesse James and Logan Dodds
June 01, 2019

Jazz and Gen talk to Logan and Jesse about social media, mens mental health and how we can help our friends.

Shot Bro
April 04, 2019

Jazz and Gen talk to Rob about his fight with depression and what he is doing now.

Queens young leader
March 28, 2019

Jazz and Gen talk to the 21 year old Zeek about the incredible difference he is making to mental health in NZ.

Jessica's Tree
March 21, 2019

Gen talks to Jazz about the release of her series, Jessica's Tree

Losing a friend to suicide
March 08, 2019

Jazz and Gen talk to Jono about the loss of his friend to suicide.

Eating Disorders
March 01, 2019

Gen talks to Millie about her own journey and how she is using her experience to help others.