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Visionary Life

009 Kara Foley on Navigating The Gifts Life Gives Us, Moving from Big City to Small Town, and Launching a Yoga Studio

March 11, 2018

Today’s guest is Kara Foley.

Some of the words I would use to describe Kara include kind, a total boss babe, hard working, compassionate, and just a beautiful soul to be around.

And let me tell you, the challenges and unexpected bumps in the road over the past few years could have completely de-railed Kara, yet somehow she continues to move forward. To see her challenges, to face them, and then to fuel her fire with them.

Kara is the founder of Physio Bodhi; a wellness shop, yoga studio, smoothie bar, health clinic, and holistic space in Deep River, Ontario.⠀

We chat about:

  • all things spiritual

  • finding community after moving to a small town

  • what wellness hacks are REALLY necessary to live a healthy life

  • what prompted her to take her yoga teacher training and launch a studio of her own

  • managing the health of her family despite some major challenges

  • keeping the vibes high and healthy for everyone who is in her presence

She’s truly a superwoman if I’ve ever seen one. Let’s get into it, here’s this weeks episode with Kara Foley.

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