The Virtual Success Show

The Virtual Success Show

Success Coach and Virtual Assistant, Ram Sta. Maria, Shares the Common Virtual Assistant Challenges He, And Other VAs Face, When Working With Clients All Over The World

November 02, 2016

We cross to the ‘other side’ and hear from special guest, Ram Sta. Maria, a Success Coach and Virtual Assistant at Virtual Angel Hub, about some of the problems he commonly sees happening for new VAs and also VAs who are not achieving success with their clients. Ram shares his insights into what he believes to be the key problem areas faced by VAs and by recognising and accepting that your VA also has certain needs, this can ultimately lead to a very successful client-VA relationship.

*The importance of maintaining an open and positive channel of communication between you and your VA
*How to make your VA feel empowered
*Tips to ensure the feedback you give your VA is constructive, rather than destructive
*The need to provide a sound support system to ensure your VA stays on track, and feels connected and part of a ‘team’

02:37- Key problems
03:55 – Maintaining an open channel of communication
04:59 – Positive communication channels
09:50 – Blocked communication channels
12:26 – Cultural challenges
14:10 – Empowering your VA
17:33 – Constructive vs. destructive feedback
21:44 – Having a good support system
24:20 – Celebrating Success
26:30 – Staying connected with your VA
30:20 – Wrapping things up

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