The Virtual Success Show

The Virtual Success Show

How Taki Moore, Coach Marketing Expert and founder of the is leveraging his virtual teams to encourage everyone to work in their ‘genius’

July 27, 2016

We hear from Taki Moore, one of Australia’s leading ‘coaches to coaches’ on the benefits of using virtual teams to grow your business and how, if done correctly, will allow you to play to your strengths and live in your ‘genius’. This episode is packed full of useful tips and insights from Taki on how to leverage your virtual team to allow you to make more money, have more fun and help more people.

*Why breaking down your tasks from the beginning allows you to find your ‘genius’ and delegate the tasks you don’t virtual teamsenjoy/ aren’t good at, in order to get ahead
*Why letting go of the belief “They can’t do it as well as I can”, can be very liberating
*The importance of not trying to get rid of tasks all at once, as this can be overwhelming
*Why it is important to be a strong team leader
*Why a sold ‘communication rhythm’ is important for the entire team and why you should stick to it
*The importance of viewing the remuneration of your team as an investment as opposed to an expense

02:56 – Taki’s 60-sec elevator pitch
04:33 – It started with a book…
06:42 – Breaking down your tasks
09:00 – “But no one can do it as well as I can”
09:51 – Delegating to get ahead
11:51 – Finding your ‘genius’
14:29 – Allowing others to play in their genius
15:24 – The ‘Super VA’ myth
18:14 – A communication rhythm
20:34 – ‘Check-ins’ time frames
21:50 – Daily check-ins
23:16 – Weekly, monthly & quarterly check-ins
27:09 – The importance of sticking to your comms plan
29:51 – Create a meeting structure
30:51 – What Taki would do differently next time…
36:27 – Return on Investment
38:32 – Wrapping things up

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