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Viral History Podcast

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6: The History of Notre Dame and The Importance of Buildings | Dr. Emma Wells and Dr. Estelle Paranque
April 24, 2019

This week we're joined by Dr. Emma Wells and Dr. Estelle Paranque to discuss the turbulent history of Notre Dame. From weddings and imperial coronations to revolutionary desecration, the cathedral has stood at the heart of Paris for 850 years. However,...

5: Rex Factor Special with Graham and Ali
March 12, 2019

In this episode we’re joined by history podcasting royalty Graham and Ali from Rex Factor as they prepare for their brand-new series on Consorts and Prince Consorts. We learn about Ali’s horizontal broadcasting style, the animated show and the new seri...

4: Henry VI | Lauren Johnson on The Shadow King
March 05, 2019

Ahead of the release of her new book, _Shadow King: The Life and Death of Henry VI_ we were joined by historian and writer Lauren Johnson to reevaluate the life of the man some have called the worst monarch in English history. At the centre of the s...

3: Schindler's List 25th Anniversary | Dr. Anna Scanlon and Hanna Flint
February 19, 2019

This episode we look back at a landmark in cinema, with the 25th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's masterpiece Schindler's List. Holocaust Historian Dr. Anna Scanlon and film critic Hanna Flint join us to discuss the film's resonance and impact both cu...

2: All Is True | Shakespeare | Dr. Joanne Paul and Dr. Kirsty Rolfe
February 08, 2019

With the release of _All Is True_, the new film about Shakespeare's twilight years (Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen) is released, we're joined by Dr. Joanne Paul and Dr. Kirsty Rolfe to discuss the movie, Ken Branagh's fake nose and why getti...

1: Mary Queen of Scots | Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb vs Dr. Estelle Paranque
January 18, 2019

To coincide with the release of the brand new Mary Queen of Scots film starring Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan, Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb and Dr. Estelle Paranque Tudor fat (get it!?) over the new Hollywood blockbuster answering questions such as:Is it ok