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Greatest Homeschool Tips

September 13, 2021

Greatest Homeschool Tips - Episode 447
What are the greatest homeschool tips of all time? Well, wait until you hear from veteran homeschool mom, author and speaker, Felice Gerwitz. In this session, she shares some of her best homeschooling tips from over thirty years of homeschooling.

Thanks to our sponsors! The movie - Show Me The Father

This film is sure to change hearts and point people to the true father in heaven.  It is a story of parenting and how faith can really make changes for the better in people's lives. I teared up just watching the trailer and you will too! The links to the movie trailer are on the show notes page - you can find more information about local airing on the website as well as streaming in the near future. This is not to be missed.

In my years of homeschooling I purchased many different programs on getting your homeschool organized or homeschooling from the first letter of the alphabet to the last, or comprehensive this or that, and found after the first few pages that it was not for me. I learned that I had to know what I could and could not do well and focus on my strengths and that is where we will get started. I cover homeschooling, family, and even touch on extended family, faith, and relationships. You should look into your homeschool laws for your state to be sure you are compliant. Here are the HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense) homeschool laws by state.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but it is meant to give you some 25 tangible tips that you can do starting today.

Let's Begin!

* You - Parent: You are in charge. You and your husband are the only two people whose decisions and choices matter in your homeschool journey. If you both agree or agree to disagree, then that is the law of the land (or your household). Stand firm and do not let anyone and I mean anyone (even me) change your mind.
* Each Other: Relationships matter. You and your spouse started together and should end your homeschool journey together. This happens if you A. Value each other. B. Appreciate Each Other C. Encourage Each Other D. Love each Other E. Take Care of Each Other and F. ALL of the Above.
* Faith Matters: A family that is focused on personal gain instead of everlasting gain will do so much better. Faith brings a family together and leaves a legacy for your children. Films such as Show Me The Father is an excellent example.
* Your Kids: You kids are not in charge. Not even close. And, your kids are not your friends. You are the parent and God gave you these kids for a purpose. (It may be a little fuzzy right now, but you'll figure it out at some point.) Kids are wonderful, a blessing but need to listen.
* Discipline is Key To Your Sanity: If you have kids that won't go to bed and talk back when they are little the nightmare is just starting if you are going to homeschool them. You have to have consequences for your actions. Think about it, make a plan, and beyond all else? Follow through.
* Others - Extended Family - Friends - Neighbors: Have opinions, and they have right to their opinions but you do not, and I repeat do not have to A. Listen B. Follow Their Advice C. Feel Guilty D. All of the Above. Refer back to point one. You are the parents.
* Key to Homeschooling 101: Do not try to duplicate traditional school in the home. It is set to fail, especially if you have multiple ages and grades.
* Lifestyle: Homeschooling is more than what you do, it is who you are in the sense that you are focused on the most important people in your life and the education of their hearts, their minds, and their souls. It is the greatest job you will ever have.
* Not About You: Yeah, I said it - homeschooling is not what the kids are or are not doing.