Latest Episodes

Episode 8 – Masters of VGM
July 25, 2022

In this episode Matt and Chris each share their 4 top composers as part of the Masters of VGM cross-podcast event! Visit to hear other great video game music podcasts pick their favor

Episode 7
March 27, 2022

Matt takes us for a ride on a rainbow and breaks down a great chord progression from a game where a plumber and a child with a head that looks like a mushroom drive around in go karts.

Episode 6
February 03, 2022

Chris does a solo show and covers Brinstar Underground Depths from Super Metroid by Kenji Yamamoto Links: My track transcription:

Episode 3
January 12, 2022

Epic Adventures

Episode 2.5
March 05, 2020

Our live recap discussion of Episode 2: Beats (and that funky bass) You can also watch the live stream here, complete with weird audio levels and minor technical difficulties (and bonus hangout afterward):

Episode 2
October 24, 2019

Beats (and that funky bass)

Episode 1.5
June 04, 2019

A recap discussion about the composition we created for episode 1.

Episode 1
April 20, 2019