Veterinary Podcast by the VetGurus

Veterinary Podcast by the VetGurus

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104: Paperwork
October 10, 2019

News The Last 14 Loa Water Frogs had to be rescued from their natural habitatParasite spread by house cats is killing Californiaʼs sea ottersWhat was learned documenting the last male Northern White Rhinoʼs deathResearchers unearth 'iron dragon' of ...

103: Myxo
October 03, 2019

News Run-down migrating birds risk death for a quick napMicrobes make chemicals for scent marking in a catStomp and Squish: Pennsylvanians Battle 'Nightmare' BugsShe quit her job, he got night goggles. They searched 57 days for their dog

102: Bunny Basics Part Tooth
September 26, 2019

News Changing climate may affect animal-to-human disease transferWombat cubic faeces mystery solved and recognised by Ig Nobel prize4 ways tardigrades are nearly indestructibleA chameleon's colors aren't just beautiful,

101: Bunny Basics Part 1
September 19, 2019

News How a turtle tunnel is saving lives in WisconsinDo manatees get thirsty? Main Topic: The Rabbit Consultation We are back to basics this week with a discussion of what to do with the new bunny consultation.

100: The Ton – Celebration
September 12, 2019

It's our 100th episode - woohooo! Listen and bask in the dysfunction of the VetGurus, as Brendan and Mark reminisce about our 100 episodes (or is that 99?) and get stuck into some news stories. Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters.

99: Luft Ballons
September 05, 2019

News ‘Shocking’ extent of lop ear rabbit healthCrows are getting high cholesterol because they're eating fast foodWelcome to Victoria, the most wombat-unfriendly stateTasmaniaʼs not so sweet invader: the sugar glider

98: Clickbait
August 29, 2019

News 66-million-year-old deathbed linked to dinosaur-killing meteorPurple bacteria 'batteries' turn sewage into clean energyLabor stalls on action plan as greater glider slides towards extinctionThe slippery world of eel smuggling,

97: Lumps
August 22, 2019

News This incredible moth is one of Australiaʼs strangest insectsBaby spiders are born with big eyesResistance to critically important antimicrobials in Australian silver gullsThe problem with fake service dogs

96: News and Reviews
August 15, 2019

News Some ancient crocs had teeth made for plant eatingCamera trap captures jaguar in the wildHope and mourning in the AnthropoceneBlinding inherited condition found in giant schnauzersKoalas driven to drink by climate changeNiassa Reserve marks fir...

95: It Won’t Budge!
August 08, 2019

Budgy Smuggler photo from Budgy Smuggler UK - buy yours here! News Man comes home to find a massive tiger snoozing on his bedDozens of Creatures Thought to Be Extinct Found Alive in ‘Lost Cityʼ in the JungleOhio lost a third of its butterflies i...