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S3 Ep #10: #TikTok10: Families and Escapism with @kellyterranova
July 14, 2020

One flick through Kellys TikTok and were immediately in the mood for dancing! Proving addictive routines arent just for Gen Z and parenting doesnt have to be a drag, Kelly joins us today for TikTok Ten, walking us through the effort involved to make a

S3 Ep #9: #TikTok10: Magic and Maturity with @magicsingh
July 13, 2020

Coming from an OG TikTok power couple (his wife is previous TikTok Ten guest @pavanhenna), Amardeep certainly knows how to charm his followers. Nailing every spell in the book, Magic Singh brings joy to his community through mindboggling tricks, proving..

S3 Ep #8: #TikTok10: Creativity and Culture with @pavanhenna
July 12, 2020

One half of our favourite Dhanjal TikTok family, Pavan is the speediest henna artist on the planet. A viral sensation and creative inspiration to millions, Pavan launched her henna empire in major London department stores. Well on the way to world...

S3 Ep #7: #TikTok10: Community Fun with @matthewandryanuk
July 09, 2020

Our TikTok Ten TV stars, Matthew and Ryan, are currently starring in TikToks first ever UK television advert, demonstrating just how serious the platform is about reaching the masses. Joining us today to chat LGBTQ+ life online, and the importance of bra

S3 Ep #6: #TikTok10: Art and Animation with @tootymcnooty
July 08, 2020

Hopefully our guests handle alone will have you entertained for ten minutes straight! Tooty McNooty as Lulu is known on TikTok, is the platforms artist in residence. An animation expert with over four million followers, she joins us today to chat abou

S3 Ep #5: #TikTok10: Photography and Education with @ellvitz
July 07, 2020

Having picked up a camera at fourteen, photography is now Elliot Vitzthums full time job; travelling the world to shoot campaigns and concerts, whilst sharing POV content to TikTok, for fans to follow in his footsteps. In this episode of TikTok Ten, Elli

S3 Ep #4: #TikTok10: Gen Z Comedy with @itsyourboylouis
July 06, 2020

As we consistently chant here at Connects: authenticity is key. So, youll see why we align with TikTok native Louis Wright, who believes theres no better asset than originality. Joining us for TikTok Ten today, Louis shares his insider knowledge on how

S3 Ep #3: #TikTok10: Viral Gaming with @dj_rangster
July 05, 2020

Life as an electrician was lacking vitality for Jamie, so in pursuit of his life for Vine (the OG short-form video sharing app), he logged onto TikTok and the rest is history. As our resident Gen Z meme man and comedian, Jamie discusses being his true...

S3 Ep #2: #TikTok10: Musical Comedy with @dentistsinging
July 02, 2020

If we cant promise anything else, this episode of #TikTok10 is guaranteed to be the most fun anyones had whilst learning about oral-hygiene! The singing doctor talks us through balancing dentistry with parody and why a niche is the secret to successful

S3 Ep #1: #TikTok10: Diversity and Dance with @nikkililly
July 01, 2020

A role model to us all and a viral sensation in her own right, content creator and disability activist Nikki Lilly gives us 10-minutes of her time to talk about TikTok. We cover why campaigns feel more authentic on TikTok than any other platform right...