Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders

Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders

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020: Ingrid Newkirk On Controversy, Criticism & How Working With Lepers And In Law Enforcement Influenced Her Animal Advocacy
March 24, 2021

PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk opens up about her life and work in the vegan and animal rights movements.

019: Naomi Hallum On Working For Animals, Being A Military Wife, And Asking Pope Francis & Donald Trump To Go Vegan For $1 Million
March 10, 2021

From Liverpool in the UK to Los Angeles, Naomi Hallum is now the CEO of Million Dollar Vegan

018: Jasmin Singer On Body Positivity, Inclusive Beauty & Learning Self-Acceptance
February 25, 2021

Vegan author and speaker Jasmin Singer on her journey to self-love.

017: Nivi Jaswal On Leaving A High-Flying Corporate Career To Start A Non-Profit That Helps Underserved Women
February 11, 2021

From Unilever executive to vegan activist, Nivi Jaswal’s life couldn’t be more different.

016: Jacque Salomon On Losing Her Child & The Journey To Heal Herself & Marginalized Communities
January 27, 2021

Native American and vegan activist Jacque Saloman of Seeds to Inspire shares her powerful healing journey.

015: Leila Dehghan On Being Forced To Quit Medicine Due To Health Issues And Embracing A New Identity
January 20, 2021

Growing up in Iran, Leila Dehghan suffered debilitating migraines that continued into adulthood, ending when she adopted a vegan diet.

014: Ondine Sherman On Writing Her Way Through The Challenges Of Her Sons’ Rare Medical Condition To Love & Acceptance
January 12, 2021

Vegan author Ondine Sherman's life was upended when she was told her sons had a rare genetic condition. Now she sees the gift in the challenges.

013: Kathleen Gage On The Life-Changing Decision To Go Vegan In Her 60s
January 05, 2021

Marketing expert Kathleen Gage turned her life around from drinking and drugging in her early years and embracing veganism in her 60s.

012: Janette Murray-Wakelin On Overcoming Cancer & Breaking World Records In Her 60s By Following A Raw Vegan Lifestyle
December 23, 2020

Raw vegan lifestyle advocate Janette Murray-Wakelin healed her body from cancer and ran a marathon a day for a year.

011: Jasmine C. Leyva On The TV Industry & Embracing the Freedom To Tell Her Own Stories
December 11, 2020

Vegan filmmaker Jasmine C. Leyva reveals the dark side of the TV industry and why she left to tell her own stories.