USCIRF Spotlight Podcast

USCIRF Spotlight Podcast

The Plight of Christians in China

September 02, 2022

In its 2022 Annual Report, USCIRF recommended the U.S. Department of State redesignate China as a “Country of Particular Concern” (CPC) for engaging in systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of religious freedom. While the U.S. government designated the Chinese government’s ongoing atrocities against Uyghurs as genocide, China continues to severely persecute many different religious groups throughout the country, including Catholic and Protestant Christians.


Founder and President of the ChinaAid Association, Dr. Bob Fu, joins us today to discuss the Chinese Communist Party’s sinicization policy, its treatment of various Christian communities, and other political and social developments within the country.


Read USCIRF’s Factsheet on China’s 2021 Measures on the Management of Religious Clergy


With Contributions from:

Dwight Bashir, Director of Outreach and Policy, USCIRF

Mingzhi Chen, Policy Analyst, USCIRF

Dylan Schexnaydre, Victims List and Outreach Specialist, USCIRF