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240. SPECIAL: Stories of Faith with Jill Nguyen
June 12, 2024

Jill's story is an adventure. Raised by Vietnamese parents, she later gained a passion for learning German and ended up living and studying abroad. She would return to her home town and embark on a new kind of journey that would change her life. Be in

239. Produce on Purpose (with Randy Adkins Jr.)
May 14, 2024

What are you currently producing in your life? Have you wondered if you can do more, or if God has more in store for you? Let Randy Adkins Jr. challenge and inspire you to consider what it means to live as a producer in your own life. Randy is a native

238. How to Create Unity (with James Early)
April 02, 2024

Since 2008 hundreds of lives have been transformed in the midst of James's Bible study workshops at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, CT. He loves helping people learn to think, pray, and love like Jesus. He works with churches and groups,

237. Surviving an Election Year with Better Self-Care (with Janice McWilliams)
March 26, 2024

Janice empowers people to live a rich and satisfying life. In her therapy, writing, speaking, and training, she loves nothing more than seeing people grasp exactly HOW to take the next step in their own growth.Get 50 free self care tips here:https://hormo

236. LIVE SPECIAL! Not What I Signed Up For (with Nicole Unice)
March 19, 2024

Live from "Hope Inspired" annual women' weekend!

235. SPECIAL: Stories of Faith with Brianne Slaughter
March 17, 2024

A self-described "Jesus girl" in middle school, the wheels came off in high school for Brianne as she endured the normal distractions and temptations of adolescence in addition to the trauma of the Covid-19 shut down. God seemed totally absent. Until re

234. Following God's Guidance (with Shawn Paul)
March 12, 2024

Many people of faith ask, "How do I know what God wants from me, or how God is guiding me?" Shawn loves inspiring people with the good news that God does have plans for your life and wants you to know them. The key is being intentional about the part we

233. SPECIAL: Stories of Faith with Sven Nelson
February 29, 2024

Skipping church to play video games at the arcades wasn't enough to keep God out of Sven's life. Treasured relationships led to personal faith in Jesus, which has helped through some of life's hardest challenges.In this Bible Jazz special mini-series, "S

232. Victorious Family (with Terence Chatmon)
February 20, 2024

Victorious Familyis a Christian Family Discipleship training and resource ministry foundedover a decade ago led by founder, Terence Chatmon. Terence has committed himself to be a family champion in his home for over 26 years. What began as a family bibl

231. SPECIAL: Stories of Faith with Emily Jacobsen
February 13, 2024

Emily's story started when she was only two years old, includes hearing audibly from God, and realizing that the life of faith includes ups and downs. In this Bible Jazz special mini-series, "Stories of Faith," hear from real people about their experienc