Up North Talk Podcast

Up North Talk Podcast

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S2Ep.7 - That Nani Trash!
May 31, 2024

Diddy Cancelled, Get It Sexy, Christian Combs Dumb As Hell, Stop The Cap, How Hard Is It For You To Make Relationships As An Adult? Another Great Episode. Tune In And Enjoy!

S2Ep.6 - Piru Pineapple?!
May 10, 2024

Drake Versus Kendrick, Mase or Fabolous, Chris Brown Vapes, How Do You Deal With Gried? Another Great Episode, Tune In And Enjoy!

S2Ep.5 - Bow! Bow! Bow!
April 26, 2024

Chris Brown and Quavo beefing, Doja Cat or Nicki Minaj, Coachella, Are You Living Authentically? Tune In And Enjoy!

S2Ep.4 - Swagga Like Us?!
April 18, 2024

Tha Carter 2 or The Drought 3, Drake vs EVERYBODY, J Coles Apology, Are You Prioritizing Self Care And Your Mental Health? This Episode Was Nothing But Laughs And Good Vibes! Tune In And Enjoy!

S2Ep. 3 - $20 Yeezy Pods?!
March 13, 2024

Usher or Justin Timberlake, $20 Yeezy Pods, Marriage talk, 2 New CoHosts?! This episode is FULL of laughs and relatable topics! Tune in and enjoy!

S2Ep. 2 - Ayy Yooo
September 01, 2023

S1Ep.4 - Johnny Don't Stop
January 02, 2021