Latest Episodes

Season 2: Episode 5 - Dan and Julie Huggins
August 13, 2019

OK, I know this one is a little long, but Dan and Julie are outright inspirations.  From growing up a rebellious Church of Christ pastors kid to planting a church in NW Tennessee, ministering to the "least of these," and a little bit of everything in bet.

Season 2: Episode 4-- Awaken NWTN
August 06, 2019

A community of believers fasting and praying over every household in our county BY NAME!  Hear how God pulled all of the pieces together for this remarkable movement.  For more information visit awakennwtn.com or email us at info@awakennwtn.com  

Season 2: Episode 3-- Wes and Renee Jones
July 30, 2019

Y'all.  This Couple.  How the love the Lord and how they love each other.  Talk with Wes and Renee Jones as they walk through years serving in bi-vocational ministry and the transition to full time mission work with MDM Honduras.  Find out all of the inf.

Season 2: Episode 2-- Nelson and Clarissa Youngblood
July 23, 2019

Church planters in the largest African-American pentecostal denomination in the world, Nelson and Clarissa discuss growing up PKs, having PKs, the perils of church planting, and the role of the first lady!  

Season 2: Episode 1-- Andy and Meghan DeHart
July 16, 2019

From church planting in West Virginia to ministering to chile farmers in Hatch, and ranchers in the panhandle of Texas, Andy and Meghan talk through battling the feelings that occur when you are married to the church rather than each other.

Episode 10-- An Unremarkable Journey with Jason and Jordan Brakefield
April 16, 2019

The pathway to God's calling is almost never the way we imagine it.  In this episode Jeremy and Jodi get to hang out with their dear friends Jason and Jordan Brakefield who share about God's faithfulness in their journey.

Episode 9--Unremarkable Comparison
April 09, 2019

"Comparison robs us of joy."-- Teddy Rosevelt.  In this episode Jeremy and Jodi talk about how they struggle with comparing themselves to everyone in... well... just about everything!    

Episode 8-- Unremarkable Communication
March 26, 2019

We are all wired to communicate differently.  It has taken us 18 years and counting to figure it out in our marriage.  Have some fun with Jeremy and Jodi as they talk about listening between the lines.  

Episode 7-- Unremarkable Friends
March 12, 2019

Making friends can be hard no matter who you are, but add the pressures of full-time ministry and the struggle can be overwhelming.  If you've ever wondered who your pastor is hanging out with, more than likely the answer is "no one."

Episode 6-- Unremarkable Pastor's Kids
March 05, 2019

They are the butt of everyone's jokes: Pastor's Kids. PKs. But what does it feel like going through life as one? In this episode, Jeremy and Jodi take some time to talk to their two children, Emma