Unmotivated To Embrace You

Unmotivated To Embrace You

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Leading With Your Story
April 04, 2019

Exclusive Interview with Professional Stand-up Comedian, Actor, and Entrepreneur, Jamie Campbell. Jamie shares his experiences as a Coach for Storytelling. We discussed how he started Storytelling in his comedy shows, the personal victories of facing trau

You can Too.. But Wait!
March 19, 2019

I highlight the lessons learned when accomplishing awards, and success. You can have it all.. the success, the great life too! if you're careful and be patient with each phase of career development.

Finding You!
January 30, 2019

Episode #1 is an introduction to let you know you're not aloneYou're not alone when you have everything in life, and still feel like something is missing. I accomplished many goals, and always took classes to improve my knowledge. The reason for my