Unlocking The Best Version Of You

Unlocking The Best Version Of You

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006 - Have You Said 1000 NO's To Get To The Right YES?
February 26, 2019

On this episode I'm talking about "context switching". Did you know that you might be losing up to 20% of your productivity by not focusing on a single task at a time? The Power of NO can help you here if you can master this.

005 - You Can Do Anything But You Can't Do Everything
February 19, 2019

On this episode I talk about unlocking your focus and enabling yourself to do anything, by not trying to do everything.

004 – Weapons of Mass Distraction
February 12, 2019

On this episode you'll discover how to stop your phone from sabotaging your productivity.

003 - How Gratitude Shapes My Attitude and Changes My World Every Day
January 26, 2019

Our world seems like a pretty negative place a lot of the time. But that perception is not a true reflection of reality – our brains are just wired with a “negativity bias”. We must make this choice every day: Do I want to feed the negativity or...

002 - How to Survive Your Family This Holiday: 3 Practical, Fun and Powerful Strategies to Make it Through with Your Sanity Intact
January 26, 2019

We expect so much of our families this time of year but do little to prepare ourselves for the inevitable onslaught of these temper-fraying, sanity-sucking gatherings. Family get-togethers require survival strategies. Here’s three practical, fun and...

001 - How to be More Focused, Productive and Have More Energy Every Day
January 26, 2019

On this episode, I share Six Steps to really increase and sustain your focus, productivity and energy every day. 

000 - Introducing Unlocking The Best Version Of You
January 26, 2019

What would your world look like if the best version of you showed up more often? Join best selling author, speaker and coach, Charlie Hugh-Jones as he explores the stories, strategies and tools to inspire and equip you to unlock the best version of...