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Is Pandora’s Box of Woes Against Humanity Apocalyptic?
October 19, 2021

Sorting out present events in both America and across the globe is critical to an understanding of what is to be our likely fate in the near future. Will Christians be around to face it, or will they

We Must Join Forces to Save Our Republic
October 11, 2021

The onslaught of censorship, Communist indoctrination, weaponized medicine, rapid inflation, and an ever-increasing loss of fundamental human rights... Unless we understand the dynamics of a successfu

The Greatest Injustice in America Is Lack of Accountability
October 04, 2021

When a nation’s leadership forsakes its God-given responsibility, and its accountability as an instrument of God’s justice, you can be sure that justice is gone with the wind! Justice demands accounta

New Rules of Engagement for a New Kind of War
September 28, 2021

The next revolution will be played out very differently, and we can only speculate on what strategies will lead us to victory. Whatever options we choose will require a well-organized strategic plan t

“Up in Arms” about the COVID Coup in Progress
September 23, 2021

The political plot of Coronamania is a deadly war that is now triggering intense reactions across America. Pandering to the enemy has yielded its bitter fruit, and our delayed response has cost us gre

Portrait of a Soldier Serving under the Biden Regime
September 14, 2021

Serving under a blackguard regime does anything but build confidence and camaraderie among the fighting forces. When our military is sufficiently modified so as to empower the enemy, a new kind of her

Christian Misunderstandings about Freedom Fighting
September 06, 2021

Christians are called to expose evil, to live by the principles they claim to support, and to be about the Lord’s work—which includes law and order. The Lord’s work also includes evangelism, raising g

The Holocaust Effect Is a Subtle but Deadly War Game
August 31, 2021

In the Neo-Nazi Holocaust now being played out, the stratagem is the same, but the stakes are much higher. The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory but is a reality of the deadly war being fought ac

The Road Called FEAR – America’s Moment
August 24, 2021

As long as we choose to live on the road called Fear, we shall pledge our allegiance to the very enemy who now aims to destroy us. We must now choose a new path if America is to save itself. Forsaking

Now Is the Time to Declare War on Our Domestic Enemy
August 17, 2021

If we sit and allow this evil to proceed any further, then an ode to America’s past glory will be written very soon. Nothing but an all-out offensive against our domestic enemy will stop the ravaging