United On Wheels: The Wheelchair Lifestyle Podcast

United On Wheels: The Wheelchair Lifestyle Podcast

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United Spinal’s Grassroots Advocacy Network and Working Groups
March 13, 2023

United On Wheels – Episode 48. “I always say I was an advocate before I knew I was an advocate,” our Grassroots Advocacy Manager Annie Streit tells host Paul Amadeus Lane. She shares how she became in

Pursuing Employment After Spinal Cord Injury with Josh Basile
December 01, 2022

United on Wheels – Episode 47 In celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), we are joined by a very special guest, United Spinal board member and trial attorney Josh Basile

Adaptive Gaming with Dr. Mitchell Tepper
September 13, 2022

Paul is joined by Mitchell Tepper, PhD, MPH, who has been integral in developing United Spinal Associations Tech Access Program and leader of its Atlanta Chapter. Dr. Tepper is a journalist who contr

Handcycling Across America with Adam Lane
September 08, 2022

United on Wheels Episode 45 On this episode, Paul is joined by Adam Lane, a member of United Spinals Oklahoma Chapter who recently handcycled across the United States to raise awareness about the o

Athlete to Quadriplegic Launches Zuk Fitness For Wheelchair Users
September 07, 2022

United on Wheels Episode 44 On this episode Paul is joined by Dillon Connolly, Zuk Fitness founder, athlete and entrepreneur who shares his perspectives on life after spinal cord injury and the bene

Mental Health & Disability with Michaela Devins
May 11, 2022

When it comes to mental health and disability, sometimes we don't seek out the support and resources we need. a member of United Spinal talks about the personal struggles she encountered in effectivel

The Frontlines of Caregiving with Steve & Heidi-Johnson Wright
April 26, 2022

Steve and Heidi-Johnson Wright join us to share their personal journey maintaining a strong and loving relationship when caregiving is part of the equation.

Talking Tech with Rhonel Cinous
March 15, 2022

As a Haitian-American, Rhonel Cinous always wanted to go to Haiti, but when he finally got his opportunity, things did not go as he had hoped. Cinous, a Miami native, went to Haiti in 2016 to promote

Life After Spinal Cord Injury with Nick LiBassi
February 04, 2022

Nick joins United on Wheels podcast host Paul Amadeus Lane to talk about his journey from a devastating skydiving accident that caused a spinal cord injury to finding strength from his peers.

Rediscovering Life After Spinal Cord Injury
October 28, 2021

Leonard Mayberry – rodeo worker, welder, steel worker, supervisor of a city crew – shares his new life story of recovery after spinal cord injury. Learn how Leonard, a United Spinal member from Texas,