Unifor Local 444 EFAP Committee Podcast

Unifor Local 444 EFAP Committee Podcast

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Unifor 444 EFAP Committee #17 - Financial Fitness experts Wendy Dupuis and Judy Lund
December 22, 2019

Not enough money at the end of the week? Are finances stressing you?  Spent too much during the holidays?  Wendy Dupuis and Judy Lund from Financial Fitness stop by our local to discuss debt management and the services they offer. ...

Unifor 444 EFAP Committee #16 - Rick Prashaw, Author
December 04, 2019

Rick Prashaw is our guest and this podcast is a recording of his visit to Windsor, Ontario.  Rick is currently on a book tour sharing the story of the life of his son Adam.  Adam (born Rebecca), had some struggles in his life.  Rick...

Unifor 444 EFAP Committee #15 - Taylor Duerr - Professional Boxer and former Heroin addict
November 11, 2019

Taylor Duerr, a Professional Boxer and recovering Heroin Addict welcomes us into his home in downtown Detroit to share his struggles... his story from using drugs at an early age, to dying from Heroin to his upcoming Light Heavyweight Championship...

Unifor 444 EFAP Committee #14 - Gavin Michael Booth, Filmmaker
November 08, 2019

L.A. Filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth joins us to talk about his new film "Last Call" that was part of the Windsor International Film Festival.  "Last Call" is about a man who calls the Suicide Hotline but ends up calling the wrong number and...

Unifor 444 EFAP Committee #13 - Brian Masse, MP
October 10, 2019

Brian Masse, MP (Member of Parliament) for Windsor-West joins today's episode to discuss mental health, pharmacare and how the government can play a role in making our lives better.  This is an episod

Unifor 444 EFAP Committee #12 - Recovery Day 2019
October 09, 2019

Today we set up to at Recovery Day Windsor-Essex to interview community partners, people that are in recovery and even a stand-up comedian!!!  The mission of "Recovery Day" is to build awareness, challenge social stigma and celebrate the role...

Unifor 444 EFAP Committee #11 - Rolly Kiehne & Mike Byrne
June 02, 2019

Kendall and Tanya sit down with Rolly Kiehne, Director of Education at the Unifor Family Education Centre and Mike Byrne, National Representative for Unifor to discuss EFAP and Education.

Unifor 444 EFAP Committee #10 - Tim Baxter from Crossroads
April 28, 2019

Tim Baxter joins us on today's podcast. Tim is the Executive Director for Crossroads.  Crossroads is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping those with addiction and anger management issues. http://www.crossroadsc4pe.ca/

Unifor 444 EFAP Committee #9 - Lady Laforet from the Welcome Centre Shelter
April 11, 2019

Join our conversation with Lady Laforet from the Welcome Centre Shelter for Women & Families.  She shares what the centre does and discusses her time spent living like one of the people using their services.

Unifor 444 EFAP Committee #8 - Nazire discusses the loss of her son to suicide.
March 18, 2019

On the 5 year anniversary of the death of her son Justin, Nazire shares her story.  Justin was a great young man who was loved by so many people and we were all shocked when he took his own life.  Nazire shares her story... Justin's story...