Unfair Advantage Podcast by Audi Club

Unfair Advantage Podcast by Audi Club

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Steve Beddor, Sport quattro Owner & ACNA Founding Family, Talks Selling His Dad's Sport quattro
June 13, 2024

Steve Beddor doesn't just own a real Sport quattro with Audi Sport rally era upgrades, he's also selling another identical car that was his father. And his father wasn't just any father, but also the founder of Audi Club North America who impo

Nishant Pillai, RS 6 Aficionado, Talks Good & Bad of RS 6 GT
February 29, 2024

Nish Pillai has become a notable expert on the RS 6 and the community around it. His Nogaro Blue Tribute has been on the cover of quattro Magazine, and he's an active leader on RS 6 owner group chats and Facebook Groups. We caught up with him to talk

Humble Mechanic, Charles Shackelford, Talks Tail of the Dragon, Rallying B8s and Humility
November 14, 2023

During Audi Club Nationals 2023 at Tail of the Dragon, we caught up with Charles Shackelford, the YouTuber known best as Humble Mechanic who was on location to take part in the event.

Freeman Thomas, Former Audi Designer & Partner in Meyers Manx, Talks Mk1 TT, Audi, VW, Porsche, Car Design & Electric Convergence
September 20, 2023

Freeman Thomas is best known in Audi circles as the designer behind the first-generation Audi TT. That car and its Bauhaus style simplicity influenced Audi design and that of the greater automotive industry for years to come. He also had a hand in cars li

Lucy & Lia Block, Rally Car Drivers, Talk American Rally, restoring an ur quattro and the 43 Institute Honoring Ken Block
June 18, 2023

In the final podcast of our women takeover for the summer Q3_2023 issue of quattro Magazine, Lucy and Lia Block join Leanne Kopras and Mina Achorn to talk about rally from the perspective of a 16-year-old (Lia) and a mom (Lucy). They also chat about curre

Amie Palo, Drag Racer and R8 Record Holder, Talks Racing and Being a Woman and a Mom in Motorsport
June 17, 2023

Continuing in our women takeover series, Leanne Kopras catches up with Amie Palo to talk about her pursuit of drag-racing a forced induction R8, her move to upgrade to an R8 LMS GT4-based Build, plus being a woman and a mom in motorsport. Check out our fe

Montana Throne, Software Engineer at Integrated Engineering, Talks about IE's New App and Being a Woman in STEM & the Auto Industry
June 17, 2023

As we continue our women's takeover series to support the summer Q3_2023 issue of quattro Magazine, Talia Pakkala catches up with Montana Throne to discuss the role of women in STEM, the challenges of being a woman in the traditionally male-dominated

Nicole Batista, Andrea Penta and Christine Pfleckl (and Nathan Brown) talk FCP Euro and the Challenges of Being a Woman in the Auto Industry
June 12, 2023

As a prominent European automotive parts distributor, FCP Euro is already a leader in the car parts business. That they're also a leader in employment diversity only makes them that much more impressive. Audi Club New Jersey's Louli Kourkounakis c

Erin Vogel, Racer, talks Starting out in Audi Club HPDEs, Instructing & Challenges of Starting Racing as a Woman
June 05, 2023

Erin Vogel is an Audi Club legacy. She started her performance driving hobby attending Audi Club Southern California High-Performance Driving Events (HPDEs) with her dad, and has quickly progressed from student, to instructor, to aspiring racecar driver.

AJ Campo and Jessica Ewing, Audi Club Carolinas Leaders, talk about HPDEs with a Built S3, ACNA Nationals 2023, Being a Woman in the Automotive Hobby and Queens of quattro
May 31, 2023

When AJ Campo relocated from New York to North Carolina during the pandemic, she didn't really know anyone in her newly adopted home. Fortuitously, she'd meet Audi Club Carolinas' Jessica Ewing who approached Campo about her S3 at a cars and c