Relationship Ready with Heidi Busche

March 04, 2020

Christie and Alex are joined by Heidi Busche, relationship expert, speaker, and author of the book Relationship Ready: How I Stopped F*cking Randos And Started Cupcaking My Soul Mate. The ladies chat about Heidi’s experiences, sobriety, and what she has learned that can help other women. To find out more visit www.heidibcoaching.com.

Heidi can be found on Instagram at www.instagram.com/honeyb52

Alex can be found on Instagram at www.instagram.com/lexmeister8

Christie can be found on Instagram at www.instagram.com/realchristiewheeler

Transition Music is “Crazy Things For You“ by Corey Pieper. Provided by SongFreedom and used with permission.

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