Under the Wig - Presented by College of Law

Under the Wig - Presented by College of Law

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Season 3, Episode 8: Being a female barrister with Raelene Webb KC | Sponsored by KWM
November 10, 2022

Today our hosts sat down with Raelene Webb KC to talk about her career. We discuss why she went into law, what her work consists of and what it is like being a female barrister in the industry. A big thank you to our episode sponsor King & Wood Malleson

Season 3, Episode 7: What happens after law school? PLT with the College of Law
October 06, 2022

Our hosts sat down with Pia and Ajay (an alumni) from the College of Law, to talk about what happens next after you graduate from law school. They tell us all about Practical Legal Training, what it involves and why the College of Law is the best provider

Season 3, Episode 6: Criminology Research and FASD with Dr Hayley Passmore
September 01, 2022

Our hosts sat down with Dr Hayley Passmore to discuss her career in research focusing on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and the justice system. If youre interested in a career in criminology or how the justice system in Western Australia interacts with

Season 3, Episode 5: Studying criminology and working with the AFP
July 28, 2022

Today our hosts sat down with two members of the Australian Federal Polices Perth team about their current work, AFP internships and studying criminology at university.

Season 3, Episode 4: Clerkships and graduate roles with Allen & Overy
June 23, 2022

Our hosts sat down with Helena and Ben from Allen & Overy to talk about the experiences of being a law clerk and their advice to their younger selves.Thank you to our episode sponsor Allen & Overy. If you are interested in a clerkship with Allen and Ove

Season 3, Episode 3: Autism, the justice system and studying law with Tom Oliver
May 26, 2022

Today, our hosts sat down with Tom Oliver. We discussed the discrimination faced by people with autism in our justice system, what we can do to help solve this issue and how his passion in this field has helped him to create a unique law career while stil

Season 3, Episode 2: Oxford Law and the Navy Reserve with Tony Buti
April 28, 2022

Our hosts sat down with MP Dr Tony Buti to discuss his career in law and politics. He tells us about his career in law from working for the Aboriginal Legal Service to an academic career and even working in the Navy.

Season 3, Episode 1: Human slavery and criminology research with Jacqui Joudo Larsen
March 15, 2022

In this International Women's Day special, our hosts sat down with Jacqui Joudo Larsen to explore her career in research. If you're interested in an untraditional career in criminology or just want to hear how being in a court jury can bring your career f

Episode 13: Overcoming the stain on Australian history with Greg McIntyre
October 01, 2021

We sat down with Greg McIntrye to discuss his extensive career in Native Title and Aboriginal Heritage, including as the solicitor in the Mabo case. He tells us about what the High Court got wrong and how property is not like a block of cheese. A big th

Episode 12: The rule of four with the Honourable Michael Kirby
September 03, 2021

In this months episode, our hosts were very lucky to be able to sit down (via zoom of course!) with the Honourable Michael Kirby. A remarkably accomplished former justice and academic, he talked to us about his time on the high court, making tough decisi