Leading Voices in Real Estate

Leading Voices in Real Estate

Jordan Moss | Founder & CEO of Catalyst Housing Group

December 20, 2021

Jordan Moss, Founder and CEO of Catalyst Housing Group, joins Matt on this episode of Leading Voices in real estate to discuss his company, Catalyst Housing, which has focused on creating housing opportunities for the “missing middle”. Jordan founded Catalyst Housing Group in just 2015, which now controls or is under contract for 6,000 units, about $2.5 billion of asset value. This housing, which Jordan calls “Essential Housing”, is structured to preserve long term affordability for the essential middle-income workforce including nurses, teachers, and first responders (among others) who earn too much to qualify for traditional affordable housing, but are priced out of the communities where they work. On the podcast, Jordan describes the unique structure of public ownership that he pioneered and the critiques of the model, and his company’s work combining investment, innovation, and impact in our industry.

Over the past two decades, Jordan has been actively engaged in the investment, acquisition, development, financing, and management of more than $4 billion of institutional multifamily transactions. Jordan founded Catalyst Housing Group in 2015 to combat rising income inequality, specifically through addressing California’s growing middle-income housing crisis.

An active real estate technology investor/advisor, Jordan launched the Catalyst Innovation Lab, which focuses on incubating, piloting, and scaling innovative solutions, tools and partnerships that drive operating margins, building efficiencies and portfolio sustainability across the Catalyst portfolio and throughout the multifamily sector.

Jordan formed the Essential Housing Fund to foster additional innovation across the complete spectrum of housing affordability – from homelessness to homeownership. The nonprofit’s current endeavors include scaling new shared-equity models addressing our country’s racial wealth gap, subsidizing rents for public school employees, and furthering diversity and inclusion efforts within the multifamily industry and beyond.