TOPcast: The Teaching Online Podcast

TOPcast: The Teaching Online Podcast

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Episode 117: Online Discussion-Enhancement Tools
July 04, 2022

In this episode, hosts Kelvin and Tom consider the role of asynchronous discussions in online education and discuss how technology platforms/tools might provide some enhancement.

Episode 116: 3Fold Gains and the Improvement of Higher Ed
June 20, 2022

Guest Dr. Stephen C. Ehrmann joins hosts Tom and Kelvin to discuss lessons learned from studying six exemplar higher ed institutions that have achieved “3fold gains” by improving educational quality,

Episode 116 Bonus: Ehrmann on Chickering & Ehrmann (1996)
June 20, 2022

Hi this is Kelvin for TOPcast. As an accompaniment to episode 116, Tom and I would like to offer to everyone a brief bonus clip with Dr. Stephen C. Ehrmann from late 2021 in which Steve reflects on th

Episode 115: “Blendedness:” Deliberate Design with Student Benefit
June 06, 2022

As a companion piece to episode 113 on “onlineness,” in this episode hosts Tom and Kelvin discuss the related concept of “blendedness” - the deliberate design of a unified in-person + online experienc

Episode 114: Making Sense of COVID’s Ongoing Impact on Online Higher Ed
May 16, 2022

NPR education correspondent Anya Kamenetz joins hosts Kelvin and Tom to pause for a holistic check-in evaluation of the on-going impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on online higher education.

Episode 113: The Three Students You Might Meet in Your Online Class
May 02, 2022

In this Season 8 opener, Tom and Kelvin share sample student profiles illustrating the varied needs of students enrolling in online courses, and they call for a strategy of integrated data to better i

Episode 112: SARA (and More!) Under Siege
April 18, 2022

Guests Russ Poulin and Cheryl Dowd join hosts Kelvin and Tom to bring some breaking news on governmental regulation that could change the way online higher education works in the US. Listen carefully

Episode 111: “Onlineness:” Necessity, Not Convenience
April 04, 2022

In this episode Tom and Kelvin unpack what it means for online courses to be “online” and why it matters to students if instructional designers or instructors make decisions that negatively impact thi

Episode 110: The LMS: Institutional “Linchpin”
March 21, 2022

Guest Kerlene King joins hosts Tom and Kelvin to discuss what it takes for the learning management system (LMS) to be used strategically at institutions of higher education.

Episode 109: Protecting Online Higher Education from the Great Resignation
March 07, 2022

Reports continue of individuals leaving the field of online higher education as part of the Great Resignation (or Reshuffling). In this episode, hosts Kelvin and Tom discuss how to make our online lea