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November 08, 2023

* X, formerly known as Twitter, is introducing two new tiers for its subscription offering in order to bring in additional revenue.

The social media giant is adding a new Premium+ tier that costs $16 per month and offers the “largest reply boost” and removes ads from the For You and Following feeds. The tier also comes with revenue-sharing, along with access to other creator tools.

The second tier launching today is called “Basic” and costs $3 per month. The tier doesn’t come with a blue checkmark, but includes basic features like the ability to edit posts and post longer text and videos. It also offers a “small reply boost.”

* Tech layoffs are back with a vengeance

* Introducing: Raspberry Pi 5! - It isn't just a progression; it's a transformation.

It's up to three times faster and packed with new features, it's an exciting upgrade.

* Pi 5 is no longer a toy or single task system, it's fast becoming a real full featured machine.