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Two Words with Taku

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115. AUSPICIOUS WRITING with Selene Bateman
February 20, 2024

My special guest for this episode is Selene Dudley-Bateman, the Chief Executive Officer of Auspicious Arts Projects(AAP),a not-for-profit creative community management organisation. They provide independent artists with a secure and accessible framework

109. Film Community — Gugu naGogo BTS
November 22, 2022

Today's Two Words: Film CommunityWhat does the future of community-led content creation look like in Australia? My filmmaker friends and I discuss the Kaleidoscope Project, our films and much more.Watch all our films Vivs Silly Mango, Gugu naGogo, Nama

108. Safe Space — Gugu naGogo BTS
November 15, 2022

Today's two words: Safe SpaceIn this episode I discuss how I handled creative, business, emotional and cultural safety during the making of my film Gugu naGogo. I also give special thanks to some of the black and African women who have supported me and m

107. Escape Velocity — Gugu naGogo BTS
November 08, 2022

Escape velocity requires an object to propel itself with enough speed and thrust to break through a barrier. NASAToday's Two Words: Escape VelocityIn Season 4, I'm going behind the scenes to break down how I made my first short film Gugu naGogo, pre

106. Casting Call
July 10, 2021

Today's Two Words: Casting CallI'm joined by guest co-host Tariro Mukando to share the casting call for my short film Gugu naGogo. We discuss the film synopsis, what we're looking for and how you can apply for the roles. Shoot date: September 2021 i

105. Access Granted
April 25, 2021

Today's two words are: Access Granted and in this episode I'm answering your question, "How do I find the money to write my story?"More at for privacy information.

104. Canon Eyes
April 18, 2021

Today’s two words are: Canon Eyes and in this episode I ponder, “Where do we want our stories to sit amongst others like them?”More at for privacy information.

103. Same Same
April 11, 2021

Today’s two words are: Same Same and in this episode we explore, “How do we know when a story’s dead and it’s time to write a new one?”More at for privacy info

102. About Face
April 04, 2021

Today’s two words are: About Face and in this episode I ask, “What do we want the world to know about us?”More at for privacy information.

101. Season 3 Intro — So you call yourself a writer?
November 21, 2020

So, you call yourself a writer, huh?Where’ve you been published? Can we watch your films? What’s on your IMDB profile? Oh... you’ve self-published… on your blog? Oh, you’re just, sort of starting out? Oh, so are you even a