Kids Considered™

Kids Considered™

Infant Formula

July 27, 2022

Families have been hearing a lot about baby formula in the news recently. From a rare outbreak of a bacterial illness to shortages and panic buying. In this episode we review infant formulas. Around 25% of babies will be exclusively formula fed. We discuss the many different formula options on the market and what makes them different. We review how to safely prepare formulas, and why homemade formulas are dangerous for little ones.  We also discuss when specialty formulas may be needed for specific medical conditions. Remember, always talk to your pediatrician to help make the best plan for your baby’s growth and development! 

This episode was written by Dr. Lena van der List, Dr. Dean Blumberg and Abby Michalak

We thank Staci Garrison, Registered Dietician at UC Davis Children's Hospital for reviewing  this episode, although Drs. Lena and Dean take responsibility for any errors or misinformation.

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